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Jetty's is a family owned business, who have been in the general contracting field since 1990 and were proud to announce that we had expanded our business into supplying you with your landscaping and garden supply needs including miscellaneous gift items in 2014; we are all about customer service!

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When mulch is applied to your garden or flower beds, it not only enhances the visual appeal of your yard but also carries a wide array of benefits:

  • Conserves moisture

  • Acts as a natural weed barrier, making it difficult for airborne weeds to take root

  • Provides seasonal insulating value 

  • Improves the fertility and health of soil 


To make sure you benefit from your mulch, make sure it is at least 3-4 inches deep. Dyes used in red, black, and brown mulch are nontoxic to your plants, pets or children. Mulch can be applied around existing plants or to bare soil.

Red devil wood blend

jettys red devil wood blend.jpg

I give your yard a different appearance compared to other mulches by bringing a spark of colour to liven up any boring garden area. I have all the same benefits of other mulches, the only difference being that I'm a wood blend and brighter.

Shredded pine mulch

grobark shredded pine.png

Reddish brown in colour, aging to a dark brown/black. I'm made from fresh ground pine bark, and have a fresh pine aroma. Some of my benefits would be; having a low pH level decomposing so it helps to condition soil, I have weed control like no other, and hold in soil moisture very well!

Black cedar mulch

grobark black mulch

I'm a coloured Cedar Mulch that is processed from hardwood substrates, ground to a uniform, fibrous texture. I act as a weed barrier, making it difficult for those airborne seeds to take root, and of course I'm also used to complement landscape by adding colour. Also available in a rustic red, and brown. 

Rustic red


grobark dark red mulch.png
grobark brown mulch

Natural cedar mulch

jettys natural cedar mulch

Freshly ground white cedar bark. Just as the others, I act as a weed barrier, stopping airborne seeds from taking root. I retain soils moisture and am long lasting, meaning slow decomposition. I'm light weight compared to the other mulches. I smell so good that they could make a perfume out of me and call it spring!

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