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Jetty's is a family owned business, who have been in the general contracting field since 1990 and were proud to announce that we had expanded our business into supplying you with your landscaping and garden supply needs including miscellaneous gift items in 2014; we are all about customer service!

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Garden mix (Triple mix)

Being the most popular soil is a tough reputation to hold. I'm made up of black loam, gromax premium garden soil and topsoil, making me the best all-purpose soil to buy! I'm good for vegetable gardens, flower gardens and top dressing lawns. However, evergreens and other coniferous trees isn't recommended to use with me. 

Topsoil (top dressing)

I'm ideal for reseeding/seeding the lawn, spreading under sod and planting all types of trees! I'm a clean, screened clay-based mixed with a bit of Black Loam, perfect for top dressing your lawn! Being clay-based causes the roots of the grass to be able to really latch on and grow. You can also use me for fill. 

Black Loam

I'm perfect for your flower gardens/beds. You can also use me for light touch ups on your lawn, and even growing shrubs. Some people use me for their gardens, but I recommend my sidekick, Garden Mix, for that!

Gromax Premium garden soil

If your soil is feeling weighed down and compacted, I'm here for you! I come from a sustainable blend of composted soil ingredients. I'm a light weight, porous and well-draining soil that resists compaction. I'm formulated for optimum root growth and plant health!

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